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Who We Are.

The story of DK Automotive goes back to 1972, when owner Donnie Knighten went to work across the street at Diehl Nissan.  Donnie asked Mr. Diehl if he would teach him to work on cars and told him that he would work for free, just to learn the trade.  Donnie returned to Diehl Nissan in 1989, and after a few years, Mr. Diehl decided to open Diehl Toyota Honda Specialists, appointing Donnie as the general manager.  Since that time, the shop has grown and relocated from 3304 Sixth Avenue to our present location at 3301 Sixth Avenue.  Mr. Diehl also decided to retire, and Donnie became the owner of DK Automotive in 2012.

We have been exceptionally blessed with long-term employees and customers.  It’s been a joy to watch the children of customers grow up and become customers themselves!  It’s also been a privilege to have long-term employees whose knowledge of automobiles and repair techniques allow us to provide high-quality service to our customers. 

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